We believe that our relationship with our clients should be a long term partnership. We work with clients large and small to achieve great results.

Department of Veterans Affairs -

We've worked with the Department of Veterans Affairs over the past year to develop the public facing and increase the services it offers.

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Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services - provides a way for millions of Americans to get access to insurance every year, Oddball has worked to build authentication services and deploy and configure application servers.

University of Virginia - Matchly

Utilizing a Nobel prize winning algorithm, Matchly finds the best possible pairings of two groups based on categories and weights set by the user.

Kennedy and Company - My Financial Aid Calculator

Universities across the US use My Financial Aid Calculator to increase their admissions through applicant tracking and by improving access to relevant financial aid data.

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Fisher House Foundation - Scholar Fisher

ScholarFisher, a tool offered by Fisher House Foundation, helps prospective applicants with Military ties discover better scholarships faster.

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Platinum Sitters - Platinum Sitters

Platinum Sitters allows parents to find quick, reliable child-care for planned absences or life’s more unexpected events.

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