WDS is the contract vehicle created as a result of the “rescue”. The contract was a first-of-its-kind effort to capture the entirety of work needed to develop and iterate on a complex marketplace digital offering using an agile development process. Oddball joined this contract in 2017 and has supported both the team that is in charge of devops, as well as the team in charge of the authentication service.


The internal tools we’ve built include APIs that power these consumer-facing applications and tooling that supports teams across, like scripted, automated deployment processes, CI/CD systems, and an authentication service that allows for a unified login across CMS.


By implementing DevOps best practices, we were able to allow for faster deployments and increased usage of autoscaling based on website traffic. We worked closely with Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) in order to build a more scalable universal authentication service to allow for external providers to integrate more easily. During OE 2018, teams we were on ensured successful operations of a vital public system, handling more than 15 million users and 6 million successful submissions and enrollments with zero downtime.

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