Veteran Services Platform


VA wanted the support, documentation, and tools necessary to create reliable online services for Veterans, their families, caregivers, and survivors to access VA benefits easily all in one place.


Oddball leads a team of digital services partners providing VA with product and delivery management, software development, user research, content management, DevOps, data analytics, and platform operations and management. Our Veteran Services Platform (VSP) Operations and Improvement Group provides security, usability, and performance through scalable, secure platform tools and operations. Our VSP Experience Group provides product, research, design, engineering, accessibility, content, and Authority to Operate (ATO) support, as well as post-launch support through cross-platform user experience analytics and application performance monitoring.


Within three months, the Oddball team has established the first Veteran Services Platform roadmap to define objectives and key results. Four new major pieces of functionality have been launched by way of initiatives on VSP:

  • Code isolation and iteration - enables VSP to prevent problems in one application from affecting others running on the platform
  • Automated testing - monitors accessibility, load balancing, security, and new functionality for applications running on the platform
  • Product health analytics - utilizing dashboards and report to capture performance data from the platform to enable engineers to catch and resolve potential issues on the platform
  • Triage process for issues and bugs - routing tickets and issues to appropriate engineers and groups to aid in the rapid resolution of technical issues
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