Meet the OddBalls
Our team

We’re a new type of agency transforming government digital services.

Our team is full of experienced engineers, product and project managers, and other commercial tech professionals who love bringing scalable solutions to life as much as they love working with clients to solve problems. It’s this rare combination that makes us so good at what we do.

Travis Sorensen
Sales in the front, management in the back. This guy means business. Odd fact, he only listens to 2 artists, Biggie and Bach.
Rob Wilkinson
Industry pro. DC Explorer. Banjo Player. A recovering manbunner and consummate hipster who’ll write code until the day he dies… or at least until the next burning man.
Greg Summer
Operations guru, husband, and father of two who enjoys travel. Took an interesting career path through the athletic fields to get into IT. When not helping the customer he's probably on the soccer field or at a Boy Scout activity. Experienced camper who doesn't actually care for camping.
Jonah Czerwinski
Part policy wonk, part govtech geek, all business. Jonah’s experience with tech-enabled solutions spans .org, .com, .gov, and now .io. Combine all this with his Milwaukee roots and you get a true Oddball.
Aaron Smith
DevOps Engineer. Came up with so many solutions to problems he moved to the city with the most moveable bridges in the world. Now he rides the L all the way to Ws for Oddball.
Alex Pappas
The only person you'll ever meet who loves both The Today Show and Power Metal Bands. My home has wheels and requires a big truck...and is enemies with tornadoes.
Alex Teal
Husband. Dad. Nerd. Love to cook up code and healthy dishes in between lifting heavy things and putting them back down.
Amber Malcolm
Keeping the Ship afloat and moving forward from the great state of Texas!
Andrea Hewitt
Product Manager trying to make everyone’s jobs easier. Wife, mom to 4 cool kids, amateur woodworker always looking forward to the next project.
Bennie Mosher
Father of 3 Girls. Husband. Problem Solver. DevOps Engineer. Cyclist. Proud Heathen.
Berty Pribilovics
A well-rounded software engineer with over 15 years of experience developing and maintaining a wide variety of systems for large corporations and small businesses. Engaged in every aspect of the product development lifecycle from design inception to deployment whether it’s customer facing or an internal tool. A particular passion for distributed systems & big data, always with a focus on efficiency.
Beth Brookshire
Midwesterner turned Coloradan. Has too many cats. When she's not supporting the delivery team, she's enjoying true crime podcasts, traveling, eating tasty homemade meals, and cycling with her husband.
Bill Fienberg
Business student turned software engineer. Photographer. Drone Pilot. Competitive Axe Thrower.
Brandon Bennett
Devops Engineer. *nix, python, go, open source fanatic.
Brandon Rapp
Mission-driven product manager on an endless journey to build inspired products so intuitive my mom could figure them out. Husband, papa of 3 and unabashed bitmoji addict. Lover of soft pretzels and baseball.
Brianna Landon
A California girl in Indiana, her hobbies include hair color and opening the door to let the dogs out… and back in. Learning to make authentic Mexican food. Asker of many questions. Dancer. Artist. Wife.
Callie Peck
Thrives off of connecting people to amazing teams! Passport is already ready, especially when a craft beer is in the mix. Pennsylvania native and Penn State alumna.
Cameron Testerman
DevOps Engineer, musician, and father of two. Passionate about finding solutions to complex problems and laying down booty shaking bass lines.
Charley Stran
Proud husband, father and uncle. Nerd engineer, technology mentor, aspiring chef, someone who has an unhealthy obsession with Walt Disney World
Chris Evardo
Developer and professional problem solver. Husband & father of two. Analog and digital gamer. Life long lover of travel and hiking. Enjoys a long slow pan on the beach with his drone.
Chris Uhler
When I was a kid I wanted to be an astronaut, and a farmer. As I got older I wanted to make movies. Now I'm a husband/dad and UX designer who thinks he's more outdoorsy than he really is.
Christine Dillman
Product Manager specializing in software and mobile who takes great pride in supporting the Federal Government. Native Marylander who loves the Ravens, Orioles and MD crabs! Dog mom to my golden retriever Ogden.
Clay Benson
Software Engineer and lover of all things automated. There’s a 50/50 chance he’s either playing a video game or a board game at any given point.
Dale Nelson
Manager of programs and wrangler of chaos. U.S. Air Force veteran. Floridian in DC who is happiest in flip flops or snowboard boots. Husband, Dad to the world's most precocious girls. Crime novelist by night with 4 books to his name, could totally plan a heist.
Dan Shank
Husband and father of 3. Hungry coder and avid skier.
Diego Gutierrez
Full time DevOps devotee, Maine-iac, and family man. Part time lumberjack, music geek, and boat aficionado . Wannabe homesteader. Hoarder of cables.
Elena Stewart-James
People first Program Manager focused on strategy and value add. Enjoys Global Entry, scarves, and laughter.
Emily Allan
Project Manager. Proud Dog Mom. Extreme Organizer. Stand up Comedian. Representing Durham!
Hunter Kirk
DevOps Engineer, when I'm not automating the automatable you can find me making music, writing fiction, watching movies, reading books, and of course over-analyzing the finer aspects of the previous items.
Ian Hilton
UX/UI is what he does. Creating with intention is his passion. "Why?" is one of his favorite questions. "Make it better" is his mantra
Jason Cullum
Former professional soccer referee now father of two and federal health advocate. Also fights to promote Baltimore for more than you have seen on "The Wire". Lapel flower wearer.
Jason Woodman
Bowhunter of elk and gatherer of product development requirements. Living the dream in Central Oregon with his amazing wife and three perfect kids.
Jeff Dunn
Product guru. Business for breakfast, UX for lunch, tech for dinner. Golf nut. Proud Detroit native, husband, and dad. When not building beautiful products, can be found in the backcountry building forts and lighting fires with sticks.
Jeremy Britt
Husband. Tech enthusiast. DevOps Engineer. Lover of family, two dogs, video games, Liverpool Fútbol Club, craft beer, and America.
Jesse Anderson
Husband. Father of 2 boys. Code Monkey. Lover of Learning and Disney.
Jhonny Gonzalez
Madly in love with my wife. Passionate about coding and technology. Obsessed with eating good food and traveling. Drawing is my meditation.
John Paul Ashenfelter
Builds software, typically in Ruby. Prefers slow over fast with my travel and food. Polyglot music listener and occasionally player. Kickstarts way too many RPGs which he never has time to play. Coming to you from his secret lair in the Blue Ridge Mountains, he's ready to make your code and your product better.
Johnny Holton
Husband of Katie. Father of Lillian. When he’s not jamming on Ruby code, he’s jibing on the Ohio River.
Julian Severino
DMV Native. Married to Cloud tech with a few thousand K8s clusters on the way. Loves traveling, food, slow turtles, and fast cars.
Katherine Rodriguez
Loves code, art, and video games. She never met a pun or hipster food she didn't like.
Katie Roach
Servant leader supporting growth, curiosity, and fun. Wife. Mom of 3. Spending my free time at the hockey rink and soccer fields.
Keifer Furzland
Apostle of all things GNU/Linux. Ruby is my jam. Minnesota native. Folk-grass guitar strummer. Audiophile and all around kitchen-aficionado.
Lee Warrick
Fullstack Software Engineer, Podcaster, Event Organizer, Japanese Language Nerd, Guitarist, and Gamer. Former Firefighter/Paramedic and Registered Nurse.
Lindsey Hattamer
Native Yooper of Michigans Upper Peninsula, German Shepherd dog mom and coffee lover. When I’m not rocking out code, you’ll find me traveling the world!
Lora Premo
Lover of Green Day and grunge, hiking with Honey the dog, my home – a 35’ travel trailer – and my Ram 2500 ¾-ton with the Cummins diesel. A recovering trucker who still loves the open road. Oh, and writing. Always writing.
Luke Lambert
Recruiting by day, adventurer by night - proud husband, lover of all things active, video games and food!
Mandi Lipka
Product Management enthusiast & well adept in problem organization. Puppy whisperer, animal activist and dog mom! Anti: motorized scooters. Pro: Netflix binging.
Michael Bastos
Former U.S. Marine and startup CTO, working as an VA API Engineering Lead responsible for ensuring that the Benefits Team helps accomplish the mission of the VA.
Michael Fleet
Software polyglot and hardware tinkerer who loves working with Ruby, Rails, JavaScript, Go, HTTP-APIs, Docker, Raspberry Pi, and Arduino. Neurodivergent, gamer, musician, traveler.
Nancy Smith
Native of DC Metro Area, Coffee and Beer Aficionado. When I'm not managing IT contracts you can usually find me with my yorki-poo, Charlie taking on new adventures.
Naomi Marcussen
They say she'll talk to anybody. Just a UX Designer looking out for her users. Loves going on food and travel adventures with her peeps.
Natalie Davied
Scouting for the next Oddball rock star, runs on coffee and working hard so my future dogs can have a good life. I haven't been everywhere but it's on my list.
Nick Sprinkle
Follower of Jesus and the one and only husband to Allie. Privileged to architect and engineer solutions using JavaScript and Rails. Enjoys the outdoors, tennis, video games, and tinkering with old and new computer hardware.
Peter Hill
Lifelong computer nerd. Slightly more recent QA Engineer. Taker of photographs. Owner of many keyboards. Since he was already beta testing everyone’s software and hardware for free, he figured he might as well do it for a living also.
Phil Palmieri
Father of 3, polyglot developer, conference speaker, devops enthusiast, kindle addict, and fountain pen nerd
Philip Becker
Curious about problem-solving, even in mundane things like traffic patterns. Pleased to engineer solutions in Rails and Ruby. Unprofessional time is spent as a husband, father, Bible-study leader, and board gamer!
Ryan Link
Manager of customer success & support. Interpreter of geekspeak for laypeople. Strategist/fixer of all things IT. Seattle-raised music junkie & recovering NY actor. Moonlights on weekends singing & playing with the Nashville Yacht Club Band.
Sarah Negugogor
UX Designer just trying to make life a little bit easier for people. Mom, knitter, gamer, word nerd. Will work for cookies.
Stephen Pardue
Software engineer who likes coffee, electronic music, and video games. You can find him at a con or concert.
Taylor Skinner
Washingtonian by birth, now living in Idaho by way of Hawaii. Husband, father of 2 and former Halo champ. Digs DevOps and obscure text editors.
Travis Hilton
Father of four. Husband of one. Wearer of black. Collector of Vaders.
Yvonne Gardner
Yvonne is a proposal compliance junkie. Living in the state of Colorado, she skis in the winter and kayaks and camps in the summer with her family.
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Tom Rose
Co-founder of Testive. Tom works to make the world a better place through the implementation of private sector education at for-profit companies such as HubSpot, AuthorsGlobe and ManhattanGMAT.
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