We’re nerds who love to bury ourselves in our work.
But we also love working with people, teaming up to solve big problems.

It’s not a common combo but it’s probably just what you need.



Is it code? Was it made in the last 15 years? Then we do it. Wonderful web sites, database design, modern mobile apps, and rockin’ restful APIs; we’ve got you.
Node // Angular // React // MongoDB // SQL // NoSQL // API // Test Driven Development // Web Sockets


A crisp, beautiful interface brings us great joy. We have a passion for building gorgeous, responsive, applications. Everything we do looks real good while it’s working hard.
Mobile-first // UI // UX // IA // Responsive Web Design // Material Design


We’ve got under control under control. We know what it takes to take a project from start to finish and our experience leads the way.
Agile // Scrum // Lean // Customer Centric // Iterative // Post-It notes


Your business is our business. We’re great with code and design but we know everything we do is working towards your business goals. We keep that in mind every step of the way.
SWOT analysis // pitch-decks // market research // linear optimization models // discounted cash-flows statements // projections


Budgets, timelines, and collaboration are just as important as the end-product, nothing odd about that. So we’ve got a process that allows us to efficiently go from start to finish.


We discuss the biggest challenges your business faces. Together, we develop an intelligent solution.


Our Developers use cutting edge technology to build the backbone of our solution.


Our designers work hand in hand with our developers to beautifully blend design and technology.


Whether we host and deploy your site or integrate into your stack, we are working until the project goes live.


We leave you with a solution that will be relevant and adaptable for years to come.


Meet the OddBalls.

Advisory BOARD

Meet our advisory board.
Dirk Elmendorf
Co-founder of Rackspace. Dirk’s entire career has been a blend of marketing and technology. Dirk endeavors to bring his unique skillset to bear on problems in a variety of contexts.
Andrew Magliozzi
Co-founder of Admithub, a techstars company. Drew aspires to help people learn and live better lives through the help of technology and human instruction.
Tom Rose
Co-founder of Testive. Tom works to make the world a better place through the implementation of private sector education at for-profit companies such as HubSpot, AuthorsGlobe and ManhattanGMAT.
Joe Jordan
As FedBid’s CEO, Joe leads a team focused on driving greater efficiency, effectiveness, and savings in procurement processes, while also creating greater opportunity for small businesses to compete and win in government and private sector contracting markets.
Ben Kennedy
Ben Kennedy is the Managing Partner and Founder of Kennedy & Company, a national higher-education focused consulting firm with headquarters in Washington DC.