At Oddball, we’re dedicated to delivering innovative solutions that enhance operational efficiency and support the mission objectives of the USAF.

Our collaboration with the USAF has yielded numerous benefits for stakeholders and Air Force personnel alike. We’ve implemented a tool that provides the USAF with unparalleled transparency into the performance of the BEAM application, offering specific metrics to measure success effectively. Additionally, we’ve developed a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) that assists planners in identifying commodities and services, reducing reliance on strategic airlifts by pinpointing optimal deployment locations.

Our team has also spearheaded the modernization and iteration of a mobile application called Kinderspot, designed to advertise, match, and sublease child care spots to eligible Air Force users with short-term childcare needs. This initiative plays a crucial role in supporting family mission readiness by addressing the critical need for accessible short-term child care solutions.


Our work with the USAF spans Operations and Maintenance, Service Design, Human-Centered Design, Lean-Agile Engineering, DevOps/DevSecOps, Agile Coaching, and Software Development. We specialize in rapid and secure software deployment for mobile and web applications, employing Agile methodologies and cutting-edge tools like AWS, Docker, and ReactJS. 

Our expertise includes automated testing, CI/CD pipeline development, and website modernization, ensuring high-quality solutions tailored to meet mission-critical objectives. With a diverse team of skilled professionals, we deliver innovative and efficient solutions to support the USAF’s operational needs.

Our contributions to the USAF have been marked by tangible metrics and impactful results. For instance, with BIZINT, we facilitated the adoption of an Agile mindset, resulting in substantial operational cost savings in support of the USAF’s Logistics Under Attack objectives. Additionally, on the Kinderspot project, we closely monitored running velocity to assess sprint goals and commitments against actual outcomes. 

By tracking running velocity and comparing it to average velocity and commitments, we provided valuable visibility into potential overcommitment or capacity issues. Furthermore, our team maintained an impressive 80% code coverage, aligning with BESPIN quality requirements and ensuring robust and reliable software solutions. These metrics underscore our commitment to delivering measurable value and driving success across USAF initiatives.

Oddball has garnered remarkable achievements across various projects with the USAF, as substantiated by our CPARS evaluations. We have consistently been awarded Exceptional and Very Good ratings in critical domains such as Quality, Management, Schedule, Cost Control, and Regulatory Compliance. These ratings affirm our dedication to delivering top-notch solutions while adhering to strict regulatory guidelines, showcasing our commitment to excellence in every aspect of our work.