Oddball’s transformative work within our CMS account has significantly improved access to benefits for Medicare beneficiaries, physicians, and providers who rely on CMS’s digital platforms. By leveraging Human-Centered Design (HCD) principles, we’ve crafted an intuitive and streamlined User Experience (UX) that empowers Medicare beneficiaries to easily access crucial information about their benefits.

Our dedication to modernizing legacy CMS systems has led to more efficient benefit decisions and Medicare payments, benefiting physicians and providers who interface with these systems. Furthermore, our internal collaboration with CMS teams, guided by Agile service delivery, has revolutionized modernization initiatives and IT governance. This streamlined approach enables CMS teams to focus on achieving their project objectives without being bogged down by complex federal rules and regulations.

At Oddball, we’re committed to delivering innovative solutions that enhance the functionality and accessibility of CMS’s platforms, ultimately improving the experience for all users.


Our projects encompass various critical systems and initiatives within CMS. Under our CMS account, Oddball’s work has resulted in enhanced user satisfaction, security, quality, and overall processed claims. For instance, we contribute to a system that coordinates Medicare Part A and Part B benefits, validates claims, and ensures no duplicate payments occur. Additionally, we are involved in an initiative aimed at enhancing CMS’s customer-centric approach by improving user engagement and facilitating self-service activities such as plan and care selection.

Through employing the principles of Human-Centered Design, we have created an intuitive and streamlined UX for Medicare beneficiaries to obtain the information they need regarding their benefits. Additionally, our modernization of legacy CMS systems has resulted in streamlined benefit decisions and Medicare payments for the physicians and providers who need to interact with the system. 

Our internal work with CMS teams through the adoption of an Agile service delivery has allowed CMS to streamline modernization initiatives and IT governance so their teams can focus on achieving internal project objectives as opposed to navigating through a tangled web of federal rules and regulations.

We play a vital role in managing user-facing aspects of digital services, providing support in authentication services, DevOps, and standardization of tools across the marketplace. Overall, our core values revolve around customer satisfaction, innovation, efficiency, and security, demonstrated through collaboration with CMS stakeholders to achieve shared objectives.