We’re on a mission to elevate services and experiences for Veterans within the VA ecosystem through the strategic application of Digital Transformation, Human-Centered Design (HCD), Agile methodologies, and DevSecOps practices.

Oddball’s work under our VA account has resulted in multiple benefits for a variety of VA customers, with the overall achievement being centralizing access to VA benefits for Veterans. Our work has facilitated an the creation of an intuitive and streamlined user experience (UX) for Veterans, their caregivers, and their families not only within the new VA.gov as a whole, but within forms they use to gain access to fill out applications for their benefits, apps to schedule appointments with their clinicians, and notifications that advise them of payment reminders.

Our dedication to enhancing services and experiences for Veterans within the VA ecosystem is a cornerstone to what we do. We prioritize innovation, security, and continual improvement, increasing Veteran trust in how they interact with VA UIs and systems. At Oddball, we’re not just creating solutions; we’re shaping a future where Veterans receive the best possible support and experiences.


Central to our efforts lies a platform that supports Veteran Facing Services (VFS) teams in seamlessly building and enhancing digital products integrated into the VA.gov experience. Concurrently, our teams are actively refining publicly available products related to benefits for Veterans, Caregivers, Service members, and their families. By leveraging machine learning solutions in administrative workflows, our decision support system enhances both clinical and administrative operations.

Transformational efforts include digitizing numerous VA forms to expedite the transition to digital, while the program ensures scalability, stability, accessibility, and usability of content on VA.gov. Our Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Pilot enhances security by consolidating sign-in pathways, and an initiative ensures inclusivity and accessibility for all users.

Integration efforts merge digital support channels with VA.gov, while direct Tier 2 support offers personalized resolutions for issues on the platform. Additionally, our Enterprise Program Management Office supports digitization, modernization, automation, and interoperability efforts, ensuring efficient service and benefits for Veterans and their families.

Our focus on communication channels is evident through the development and support of systems that facilitate efficient and timely notifications for Veterans. As we address anticipated increases in claims backlog and traffic to VA.gov, a team ensures clear ownership and self-service tools for Veterans.

Empowering VA developers with seamless testing environments, our Developer Experience program facilitates an efficient development process across VA systems, and another program simplifies Power of Attorney relationships and insights leverage customer experience data to improve business processes and decision-making.

Across numerous contracts for VA, our comprehensive approach to Human-Centered Design, UX, and DevSecOps not only enhances digital experiences but also ensures the security, efficiency, and inclusivity of services provided to Veterans and their families.